Why this web shop?

Choice of flow racks

Flowrack BV produces two different flow rack systems:

Flexible custom-made since 1994.

2. PRO+
Functional with standard dimensions.

Flow racks type FLEX (OEM)

Flexible custom-made flow racks with which thousands of projects have been realized since 1994.
Characteristic of the FLEX system is the finish in a RAL colour of one’s choice.

Type FLEX is delivered exclusively by our resellers as an OEM product
and is fully custom-made for each project.

Other product information is available upon request.

Flow racks type PRO+ (this web shop)

This web shop includes an overview of system type PRO+.

The PRO+ system has standard dimensions, a short delivery time and a low price.
Characteristic are the galvanized profiles and clever, yet limited choice in dimensions.

The whole program type PRO+ is available for resellers,
a limited part of the PRO+ delivery program is also available online.

Type PRO+ is sold using the brand name “Original Flowrack”.
With the well-known Flowrack quality: robust and trouble-free.

Web shop as catalogue

This web shop provides an overview of the PRO+ product range:

1. Flow racks for order picking.
2. Kanban flow racks.
3. Flow shelves for in pallet racks
4. Roller conveyors (non-powered conveyor).

End users and resellers can use this web shop as a catalogue.

Web shop for purchasing and quotations

This web shop also shows the way to online buying and the requesting of quotations.

Online buying can be done through one of the Flowrack web shops.
Quotation requests are quickly spread across our network of resellers.

Of course, always with the full support of Flowrack BV.

Custom-made flexibility
(only as OEM product)

Quality in standard dimensions
(this web shop)