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The clever Flowrack gravity roller conveyor

This (non-powered) gravity roller conveyor is especially designed by Flowrack.
A perfect combination with our order picking flow racks, but also as stand-alone conveyor.

Unique combination of quality and price

The disadvantage of other low priced roller conveyors are the unsafe open profiles.
At Flowrack, no sharp edges and pointy axles, but still a low price and a short delivery time.

Closed and rounded conveyor profiles ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.
Just as the well-known and highly appreciated Flowrack quality: Robust and trouble free.

The secret

The roller conveyor choice is limited to the most common dimensions and specifications.
That leads to efficient production, which makes the price low.

And yet the clever Flowrack roller conveyor is applicable in at least 80% of the cases.
That gives volume to our production and again, a low price.